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  • Express service to major cities in Canada.​​

  • Sea Freight transport to and from major ports in Canada can be arranged as a full container (FCL) and part container (LCL).

  • Air freight services for perishable goods, general cargo, and temperature control cargo can be arranged based on your need. 

  • We can even assist with small packages, such as documents, or sending gifts to friends and family with our express courier services. 

Trading With Canada

Canada has a diverse population. the variety of backgrounds means that they depend on importing goods and materials from other countries to meet the demands of the people. 

At the same time, due to the variety of companies and businesses, and their rich natural reserves, they are a very strong export hub. 

At RAS Cargo we can help and advise you on the export and import procedures and also guide you in regards to the best solution suited for your trade. 

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