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Our worldwide network is well positioned and qualified to help your company develop efficient and tailor-made domestic and transborder programs for distributing your goods. We have a dedicated team of Air and Sea freight professionals studying your business, listening to your concerns and understanding your challenges. Our specialists will ensure operational excellence as well as cost-effective solutions that meet your needs in terms of transit time and flexibility.



* EXW (ex works) means that the buyer bears all costs and risks involved in taking the goods from the seller's premises to the desired destination (ie. the minimum obligation for the seller).

* FOB (free on board) means that the seller is responsible for all local charges in China, including delivery to the port and any terminal handling charges at the port. Once the goods are on board the ship, the buyer assumes responsibility for all charges and risks from that point.

* DDP (delivered duty paid) means that the seller bears all costs including taxes, duty and delivery to the buyer (ie. the maximum obligation for the seller).


Some deciding factors can influence whether we use air freight or sea freight from China for your shipment, 

·  Urgency : Generally, imports from China take approximately 21 to 29 days by sea freight and 3 to 6 days by air freight. There is naturally a considerable difference between the two costs and therefore you need to determine how quickly you need the goods back in the UK.


Customs/Duties :

Every individual product has a unique tariff code - a 10 digit commodity code that is used to identify the rates of Duty/tax payable for that particular product - your supplier should be able to tell you this.

Once you have the correct ten-digit commodity code, then you can use Custom's Website to calculate the Duty and VAT payable for your product,

or simply just ask us and we will assist.

We are experts in import customs clearance and will ensure that your shipment clears quickly and without delay. We can make the VAT & Duty calculations for you prior to the vessel arriving


  • You have ordered your goods from a factory in China and need an agent to collect and deliver to your door in Europe, USA or any other part of the world. 

  • You are planning to send your goods from Europe to China 

  • Your agent has arranged an export from China to the UK and you just need clearance and delivery in the UK.

  • All the above services are applicable for air freight, sea freight, either full container or LCL services.

Our pricing structure is second to none and we believe our sea freight import prices are some of the most competitive in the UK. Whether you are a first time importer from China or have imported goods from China for many years.

Contact RAS Cargo International today to see how cost effective our services are.

LCL Rates to China:

                                                   Port                                               Transit time

Sea Freight from UK to          HONG KONG                               40 DAYS

Sea Freight from UK to          DALIAN                                         40 DAYS

Sea Freight from UK to          FUZHOU                                       37 DAYS

Sea Freight from UK to          NINGBO                                        37 DAYS

Sea Freight from UK to          QINGDAO                                     42 DAYS

Sea Freight from UK to          SHANGHAI                                   39 DAYS

Sea Freight from UK to          TIANJIN                                        41 DAYS

Sea Freight from UK to          XIAMEN                                        41 DAYS

Sea Freight from UK to          XINGANG                                     41 DAYS

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